service d’adresse mondial (world-wide address service)

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The service d'adresse mondial connects people across language, cultural and national borders. The website is completely free of advertising. (It does not even set cookies!)

That is why we rely on your voluntary contribution.

If you live in Europe (in the “SEPA area”), simply scan this QR code with your banking app and please send us a small amount. (The website nicly explains how it works.) Best of all, your support reaches us without a penny being deducted!

QR Code for Scan2Pay

By the way: A small, regular donation as a standing order is more helpful to us than a larger, one-off donation.

Thank you!

Donation via PayPal

Use PayPal to send us a small amount in Euro (EUR).

Use PayPal to send us a small amount in British Pound (GBP).

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